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Great review! TTG is probably the cartoon that I don't watch, but I'll admit that this episode was so fantastic that I did a 1001 anima...

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Random S*** by SBcartoonguy Random S*** :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 0 0 Lincoln Wants Danny Phantom Back by SBcartoonguy Lincoln Wants Danny Phantom Back :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 4 2 Samurai Jack Season 5 Scorecard by SBcartoonguy Samurai Jack Season 5 Scorecard :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 15 2
EEODPR in 10 Words or Less
Mystery Meat: A nice pilot episode to the show. B
Parental Bonding: Amulets are evil! B
One of a Kind: Really entertaining, minus the unfortunate implication. B
Attack of the Living Garage: This episode.... was...... ....interesting. B
Splitting Images: The first truly excellent episode of the show. A-
What You Want: Why do I tend to really like the "wish" episodes? B+
Bitter Reunions: Its a reunion episode. B
Prisoners of Love: Some clunky writing, but a very good episode overall. B+
My Brother's Keeper: This episode is unique in a lot of ways. A-
Shades of Gray:  That was something. B
Fanning the Flames: The First AMAZING episode of the show.  A
Teacher of the Year: A good story with a great moral. A-
13:  Really good, if the romance wasn't obvious. B
Public Enemies: Another really good episode, but Danny being victim was confusing. B
Fright Night: Awesome Halloween Special.  Also known as AHS. A
Maternal Instinct: Solid Episode. B
Lucky in Love: Really good, but
:iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 1 0
Danny Phantom Season 3 Scorecard by SBcartoonguy Danny Phantom Season 3 Scorecard :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 9 5
Loud Bomb Round Up 5/15-5/18
Welcome to our monthly Loud Bomb roundup where we analyze four episodes or so and give them their rating.  The episodes reviewed in this roundup will be Pets Peeved (20th episode in the season, 72nd episode in the show), Out of the Picture (25th episode in the season, 77th episode in the show), Room with a Feud (26th episode in the season, 78th episode in the show), and Spell it Out (28th episode in the season, 79th episode in the show).  This time, it’s going to be a little different.  I will review four episodes and give them two reviews.  One of them will be in four words.  The other will be in four 100 words (or 400 words).  The rating system will not be changed.  Anyway, let’s a go!
(Spoilers ahead)
Air Date: 5/15/17
Written By: Kevin Sullivan
Directed By: Chris Savino
The Four Word Review: Dealing with another enemy.
The Four 100 Word Review:
:iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 4 4
Danny Phantom Season 2 Scorecard by SBcartoonguy Danny Phantom Season 2 Scorecard :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 5 0 Danny Phantom Season 1 Scorecard by SBcartoonguy Danny Phantom Season 1 Scorecard :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 6 0 Atrocious Artwork Blank Template by SBcartoonguy Atrocious Artwork Blank Template :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 7 0 Amazing Artwork - The Crying Eye by SBcartoonguy Amazing Artwork - The Crying Eye :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 2 0 Amazing Artwork Blank Template by SBcartoonguy Amazing Artwork Blank Template :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 9 4 Poster for the Nechita Memory Challenge by SBcartoonguy Poster for the Nechita Memory Challenge :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 5 2 Late Anniversary Gift For TLH by SBcartoonguy Late Anniversary Gift For TLH :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 10 3 Cover title for that research paper earlier 2017 by SBcartoonguy Cover title for that research paper earlier 2017 :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 4 0
MLP Review Lightning Round (May 2017)
School is honestly such a pain in my schedule.  It is a pain in that I have a lot of schoolwork to do every day (most notably from my honors classes) not to mention that finals are coming up pretty quickly.  Because of this, I will put all of my reviews on five episodes (Rock Solid Friendship - Hard to Say Anything) into one entry.  Be known that I will have to shorten the reviews into 300 words (1-2 paragraphs) unless if the episode needs more defense whether it be controversy, or if I loved/hated the episode so much.  And yes, you will receive a notification each time I write a new review.  Anyway let’s a go!
Rock Solid Friendship (Ep 147, 4/28/17, Written by Nick Confalone): This episode, has an interesting background on me trying to see the episode.  I always watch a new episode of MLP:FiM on a Sunday morning, the day after it aired, at about 6:30 AM.  This is special because I was sitting down, ready to watch the
:iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 2 0
MLP Reviews: A Flurry of Emotions
Ah yes, Sammie Crowley and Whitney Wetta.  If you do not know them, then let me provide you a brief history about them.
Back in 2015, they were (and still are) part of the writing staff for one of my personal favorite Nicktoons.
Take a guess at that Nicktoon……
It’s The Loud House everyone!!!  If you have not watched me yet or went into my gallery yet, you will see that I do reviews and analyzations on this wonderful show.  This show is really fun to tear apart into every single detail, from an episode that shows true character growth (11 Louds a Leaping), hits a really low point if a show produces a bad episode (One of the Boys and Brawl in the Family), or is just plain fun (Kick the Bucket List).  And while my thoughts about some episodes may have been a bit more negative than initial reaction, I still think that the good episodes really outweigh the bad episodes.
While Whitney Wetta has worked on Fai
:iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 3 0


Linc And Ronnie Anne by JumpAroundJumpJump Linc And Ronnie Anne :iconjumparoundjumpjump:JumpAroundJumpJump 246 48 Pony Bravo by dan232323 Pony Bravo :icondan232323:dan232323 190 72 Lana as Zookeeper by komi114 Lana as Zookeeper :iconkomi114:komi114 68 16
Journal #058: S7 Synopses EP 06 - 15 [SPOILERS]
Hello everypony! Shy 
You may know that we got SEVERAL "Episode Synopses" for S7 lately and I want to take the occasion to go through them :3
So... DUH! S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S!
I'm adding this line AFTER writing this:
I may sound a little bit negativ, but trust me...
Considering that we got 4 (of 5) REALLY GOOD episodes, I'm looking forward to the others :la:
:bulletblue: S07E06 - "Forever Filly"
"When Rarity surprises Sweetie Belle with a special day together filled with all of her favorite activities, she quickly learns that her little sister is no longer the little foal she used to be."
IMO: I'm looking forward to this! I would like this if they handle this (absolutely realistic) issue in a comedic way, but...
I would love it, if they handle it more serious!
::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::
:iconestories:EStories 11 21
Danny Phantom and SpongeBob SquarePants by xeternalflamebryx Danny Phantom and SpongeBob SquarePants :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 397 212
Every Loud House episode in 10 words or less
Im gonna try something different. I'm gonna describe every Loud House episode in 10 words or less. The idea came to me when I watched a video of somebody describing every Disney animated movie in 10 words or less.
So lets begin.
Season 1:
Left in the Dark
Its there first episode, it's okay
Get the Message
Mission Impossible staring Lincoln Loud
Heavy Meddle
Round of applause for Lincoln, he got a woman
Making the Case
Describing the disadvantages of Youtube, damn Youtube sucks.
Driving Miss Hazy
That car pool lane joke doe XD
No Guts, No Glori
The Loud Revolution
The Sweet Spot
How da heck did they destroy that car
A Tale of two Tables
Reminding us to never abandon our inner child
Project Loud House
Aw the sisters helped out my boy in the end
In Tent Debates
The presidential election
Sound of Silence
You can never escape the loudness Lincoln
Space Invander
And a forbidden ship was born
Picture Perfect
Telling us all that its okay to be yourself
Undie Pressu
:icontoonmass07:toonmass07 9 1
Cartoon Network- Trio Switch Trouble by xeternalflamebryx Cartoon Network- Trio Switch Trouble :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 925 317 The Phantom House by ArtIsMyMarc The Phantom House :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 78 92 DP style tutorial by dannypfan DP style tutorial :icondannypfan:dannypfan 175 13 The Loud House - Episode Scorecard by PRStorm The Loud House - Episode Scorecard :iconprstorm:PRStorm 12 16
So about those note pages...
So, you've probably noticed that I didn't put Atrocity note pages in my two previous Animated Atrocities review. Actually it seems that a surprising number of people didn't (or kept quiet about them). I'm actually pretty happy about that because I don't know, they kind of made my videos feel a little more low-budget, like I couldn't be bothered to put actual footage in the synopsis area. But let's not abandon them completely. Recently I stopped taking requests because it got way too out of hand. How about let's play fair. My Atrocity notebook template is now a "request submission." However, if you fill it out wrong I'm just going to disregard it altogether. And a lot of people have sort of filled it out improperly or judged things too harshly. So this is going to a normal guide to how to fill one out (oh and disregard the 1001. I'll make a better one for that).
Alright, episode title, show, episode number, writers, and directors can usually be found on If the anim
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 115 203
Contest Directory by dAhub Contest Directory :icondahub:dAhub 3,175 449 Submit Contest Form by dAhub Submit Contest Form :icondahub:dAhub 2,315 428
Loud House: Brawl in the Family-Behind The Scenes
Lincoln: "Leni, why don't you just return the dress? Lori once said blue makes you look washed out anyway."
Leni: [to Lori] Wait, what?!
Lincoln: Okay, okay. I'm just spitballing here. Lori, why don't you return the dress? Leni says uh...(reads script) "taffeta makes you look like Aunt Ru-Wha? What the heck is this?!".
Savino: "Cut! What's the problem, Lincoln?"
Lincoln: "Why would I blurt out things people have said behind other people's backs in front of the very person I am talking about?"
Leni: "Yeah! I would never say things like that!"
Lori: "This is literally the dumbest episode we've ever done."
Savino: "I'm sorry guys, I'm just the creator and director. I didn't write the script."
Sullivan: "Hey guys, what's up?"
Savino: "The kids seem to have a problem with your script."
Sullivan: "Why?"
Lincoln: "Apparently I was about to worsen the conflict by stupidly spewing insults about what others said behind their backs."
Sullivan: "What? No! Lincoln, you wou
:iconktblade91:KTBlade91 19 10
A Poem about Lily Loud
Once there was a little baby
Her diapers were so rancid, that everyone died.
The end.
:iconaustindr:AustinDR 9 3
Hats Makes the Character by xeternalflamebryx Hats Makes the Character :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 727 306




How will PRStorm feel about using cow organs as intestines in a TV Show? 

5 deviants said NO!
4 deviants said I'm a bit uncomfortable......
1 deviant said I'm fine.


Come Sale Away....

Wasn't very good at all.
I will always be a Danny Phantom supporter to the end. 

Honest opinion here:

I hated FOP's "Class Clown".
 Here's the evidence btw.

Yes, I'm kind of certain that I have an admirer.…


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Special thanks to :iconspongey444: and :iconmlp-vs-capcom: for inspiring me!


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Can you imagine this part in the episode where Clyde is trapped in a fire?

Lisa: Um... Mr Clyde's dads... I'm sorry your house is burned down (looks down) do you think we could make it up to you?
Lola: Yeah! I mean Lincoln,Luna and Lynn saved your son's life! Do you think you can stay at our house until yours is fixed?
Luan: Clyde can sleep in Lincoln's room!
Lynn: It will be like a sleepover again!
(Howard and Harold looked at each other then at the Loud family and Clyde who are standing next to each other. Then Howard approached Lynn Loud Sr and shakes his hand while Harold shakes Rita's hand)
Howard: You have yourself a deal loud. We will stay at your house
(the loud siblings and Clyde cheer at the news)

what do you think?
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