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Great review! TTG is probably the cartoon that I don't watch, but I'll admit that this episode was so fantastic that I did a 1001 anima...

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Reagan :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 4 5 MLP Season 7 Scorecard (Incomplete) :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 5 2
MLP Reviews: Celestial Advice and All Bottled Up
Am I really doing this, am I really going to start reviewing each episode of MLP:FiM starting with season 7 right now?  The answer is yes.  This show has meant a lot to me in a way and I am glad that the Brony fandom actually exists.  This show teaches good morals, is plenty of fun to watch, and when it breaks the TV-Y barrier, this show can create some of the best moments when it breaks that barrier.  Some of these moments were Twilight going crazy (Lesson Zero), Scootaloo having nightmares (Sleepless in Ponyville), the entire battle in Twilight’s Kingdom, and the zombie apocalypse (28 Pranks Later).  Even though season 6 dropped a bit of quality from seasons 4 and 5, it still managed to do very well and have no bad episodes under its belt.
Another thing about this show is that without the two sites that I had, I would have never watched the show in the first place.  These sites are DeviantArt and Netflix.  On Devian
:iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 4 4
Loud Bomb Round Up 4/10 - 4/(not)13
Prologue: Hey everyone!  Did you all see the new Ben 10 that premiered this week?  Was it awesome!?!?  Well guess what, I have never seen the show before and I never will!  I do not give a **** about Cartoon Network’s sh***y decisions!  Plus, new episodes of the Loud House premiered this week as well, and that show mattered to me much more than the pointless Ben 10 reboot.
Loud Bomb Round Up
So The Loud House has its fourth bomb premiering on, well, you now know the air date with Kick the Bucket List, Party Down, Fed Up, and Shell Shock.  These episodes are the 16th, the 17th, the 18th, and the 19th in the second season and also 68th, the 69th, the 70th, and the 71st episodes of the show.  Before I start my review on this week, I want to address a couple of things:
The rating system is completely changed: From now on, each episode will receive a letter grade from an A+ to an F- (no F+).  An episode in the
:iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 8 7
We're Back! :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 1 0 Leaving Alcatraz :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 0 0 Port of Alcatraz :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 0 0 Alcatraz as Told From a Weird Angle :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 0 0 The Jail :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 0 0 Bird Passing Alcatraz :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 0 0 GoldenGate North End :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 1 0 So the Waterway Goes on Forever Here? :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 1 0 Golden Gate Pointing South :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 1 0 The Southern Golden Gate :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 1 0 Streamlined Birdie :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 2 0 And Then the Birds are Trailing Us :iconsbcartoonguy:SBcartoonguy 0 0


Outlined Jenny and Star :iconmvpbvp:MvpBvp 11 3 Don't Leave :iconthefreshknight:TheFreshKnight 243 56 Hats Makes the Character :iconfinnjr63:Finnjr63 118 71 Stuck in the Freezer :iconeagc7:eagc7 66 18 The World's Smallest Violin :iconeagc7:eagc7 169 91 Cartoons Of The 2010s :iconmrtoon1999:MrToon1999 11 53 Leni's Wallet :iconeagc7:eagc7 120 67 Super Smash Bros 4- Behind the Scenes and Screen :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 485 207 [Request] How to attract a Bigfoot :iconeagc7:eagc7 134 113 Drive Slow :iconsonson-sensei:Sonson-Sensei 74 33 Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network vs Disney Racing :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 1,634 602 Regular Show vs Adventure Time- Family Feud :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 1,058 309 Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 1,305 602 An Unlikely Friendship :iconthefreshknight:TheFreshKnight 224 224
Loud House - April 10-14 Bomb Review
You know the drill, because this is the fourth bomb I've done a journal it me, or is there gonna be a bomb every month of this year? It seems like it.
Kick the Bucket List (Apr. 10): If you were expecting me to have lots to say about this episode, I'm sorry to disappoint you because I don't. In general this episode is decent, it's nothing really special but nothing bad about it either. I liked the idea behind the episode and it had some funny moments like Clyde playing at the arcade with Linco- err, a pizza box made to resemble Lincoln (and then returning the pizza back to a customer). The only two parts I didn't like were Luan's pointless appearance in the middle of the episode (right after Lincoln and Clyde got stained in jello) and Lynn eating Lincoln's sub against Lincoln's orders (is it me or has Lynn been derailed so far in Season 2?). But those were extremely minor. So in general, a decent episode. 7/10
Party Down (Apr. 11):
Were you expecting me to say lo
:iconilovededede:ilovededede 4 5
New Samurai Jack ep is like Teenage robot ep.
I just saw the new episode of Samurai Jack s5ep4 today. I won't spoil the plot of what's going on but I can tell you is that the new episode totally reminded me of "My Life as a Teenage Robot" ep3ep9b Enclosure of Doom. Here' the funny part, Tara Strong voices both "evil" characters on both shows and they act pretty much the same. 
Here's the My Life as a Teenage Robot episode link.
You can either watch it before or after the new Samurai Jack episode for comparison. Enjoy!
:iconzaidan:Zaidan 4 2




Favorite Episode of The Loud Bomb April 2017? 

11 deviants said Pulp Friction
3 deviants said Shell Shock
2 deviants said Fed Up
1 deviant said Kick the Bucket List
No deviants said Party Down


Me too
I'm excited for Frozen and Star Wars, The Lion King however....

Nostalgia Critic Emote - CRINGE 

Mommy, I'm scared (even if I don't have a mom lol).
I don't know what's worse: That season 3 of Young Justice had to go to a streaming service, or the possibility that the live-action Teen Titans series might resemble Teen Titans Go!

Today is The Nutshack 10th anniversary.

Should we celebrate it or run away for our lives?…
I honestly wish the whole stereotype of Lincoln Loud's sisters being split into two groups, the "mean" ones (Lori, Luan, Lynn Jr., Lola, & Lisa) and the "nice" ones" (Leni, Luna, Lucy, Lana, & Lily), would just die now. I wouldn't normally have a problem with this if the "mean" sisters weren't treated like satanic bullies who thrive to make Lincoln's life a living hell every second, and the "nice" ones pamper him with nothing but love and affection, in the fanfics I've seen on the Loud House wikia.

How would I write a fanfiction on the wikia? Have Lincoln have a good time with his "mean" sisters and showcase the "nice" sisters' flaws.

I also wish the Loud House fandom wouldn't treat Lincoln like a god-like child who can do no wrong (and to make it worse almost all of the fanfics I've seen that give him this status feature him getting tormented through no fault of his own). People who think Lincoln can do no wrong, look at episodes like "Making the Case", "Picture Perfect", "Ties That Bind", and "Out on a Limo", please.

I full-on agree with :iconprstorm: & :iconpowerpuffpony1: at this point, the Loud House fandom is sinking lower and lower and it's gotten to the point where I consider one of the worst fandoms I've ever seen. Yes, I've met some great Loud House fans (the aforementioned users and :icondigicartoonist99: to name some examples) but it isn't close to enough for me to consider the general Loud House fandom anywhere close to good.
Honestly, the show's fandom only cares about Starco and not anything else.

The reason that I hate fandoms nowadays.
Starco community in a nutshell
I've always wanted to this.

okay before any bridges get burnt, its just the more crazier and suborn shippers, not everyone who supports this ship, because I am aware there might be some who are nice and respect one's opinion, I don't hate the ship its the worst side of it just making me want to hate it.…


Adam Alam
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I tend to like reviewing TV stuff, specifically cartoons. I also love to spread my thoughts out to everyone. Also, I'm :iconthecrimsondemon14:'s da cousin.

Special thanks to :iconspongey444: and :iconmlp-vs-capcom: for inspiring me!


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